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Etiquette and Dress Code

Etiquette and Dress Code

Our club rules and etiquette ensure consistency of standards for all members, guests and visitors to Pannal Golf Club.

Dress Code
We aim to create a relaxed experience at Pannal Golf Club and we politely request Members, their Guests and Visitors adhere to our dress code with the general principle that they are smartly attired at all times, both on and off the golf course. Please refer to the detailed infographic Dress Code & Course Etiquette.

Course and Practice Facilities - Recognised smart golfing attire:
• Men’s shirts must be tucked in at all times
• Tailored shorts, worn with ankle or long socks
• Golf shoes must be worn
• Blue and black denim clothing, tee shirts, non-golf shorts or cargo shorts/trousers are not permitted on the course
• There are no specific dress requirements for Juniors under the age of 12 when using the practice facilities.

Clubhouse and Centenary Terrace:
• Men’s shirts must be tucked in at all times
• Recognised golfing or smart casual attire, smart jeans and tailored shorts are entirely acceptable
• Leisure and sandal style footwear are acceptable (but not flip flops or sliders)
• All hats, caps and visors must be removed when entering the clubhouse
• In dry conditions you may enter from the Centenary Terrace in golf shoes to go to the bar when ordering refreshments for subsequent outside consumption, but please do not wear golf shoes when sitting in the club-house
• Please do not wear damp or wet clothing in the lounge or bar areas of the clubhouse.
Jackets, collared shirts and ties may be required for specific occasions, subject to prior notification.
Mobile Phones, and Laptops:
• Mobile phones are not allowed to be used for the purpose of making or taking calls within the precincts of the course or clubhouse except in the changing rooms
• Subject to being in silent mode devices may be used for accessing emails, messages and the like
• Devices can however be used in silent mode outside the Clubhouse, including the Centenary Terrace, but having due regard to the vicinity of the 1st tee
• All golfers are advised to carry a mobile phone whilst on the golf course, however they may only be used in emergency situations and must remain turned off at all other times
• Laptops and other computers may be operated within the Clubhouse and on the Centenary Terrace.

Pace of Play (and how to speed up)
A good pace of play is an important element in having a good experience on the golf course. It's often a combination of little things not done that contribute to slow play and on-course traffic jams. Here are some tips for making sure your pace of play is as brisk as it should be, at Pannal we practise “Ready Golf”.
• Pace of play isn't about rushing your shots, it's about being ready to take your shot when it's your turn, and behaving efficiently on the golf course.
• Remember - arrive at your starting tee at least 10 minutes before your allotted tee time.
• Numerous practice swings, lengthy delays lining-up putts and the pacing out of distances prior to club selec-tion are not sensible practices for average golfers.
• Leave your bags or golf buggies to the side of the green, and in the direction of the next tee, never in front of the green.
• Please repair any pitch marks on greens and also replace divots so that the course is kept in a good a condition for everyone
• Be aware of golfers both in front and behind you, speed up when required and don't hinder other golfers play-ing quicker than you
• Be prepared and be ready to play!

*Assistance Dogs *
Dogs, other than registered guide or assistance dogs, are not allowed on the Course or in the Clubhouse but are permitted on the Centenary Terrace subject to being on a lead.